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Based on the Handlung und Relikt (Intervention, Performance/Relikt) exhibition staged at the Luciano Fasciati Gallery in Chur in 2007, a similar approach to a possible realization is the intention for the Aux Losanges exhibition in Tschiertschen. As is fitting for the location, artists who deal with action art, performative, processual and/or installative forms of expression will be selected.

While the separation of subject and object is a prerequisite for understanding art in the traditional sense, as the artist creates an artefact that can be detached from them, action and performance art is all about actions in which the artist is directly involved.

This is the third time that the Aux Losanges Association has invited Luciano Fasciati to stage a group exhibition for the hosts Armin Zink and Stéphane Lombardi of Caruso St John Architects in the house converted with English extravagance and a love for the Alps and to create a supporting programme to accompany the event.

The upcoming exhibition will be designed and realized by the co-curatorium in conjunction with art historian Annina Pandiani (MA).

An event by:

Aux Losanges Association


Remo Albert Alig, Florian Bach, Luka Jana Berchtold, Dario Cavadini, Duri Collenberg, Jul Dillier, Nicolas Fournier, Sophie Germanier, Patrick Kessler / dieb13, Isabelle Krieg, Alexandra Meyer

Programme and special projects

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